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Dr. Marwan Sabbagh

Dr. Marwan Sabbagh was recently featured in an article on, titled “New Year’s perspectives from people who work with time, memory and mortality every day“:

…he dedicated his life to studying memory and serving those who were losing theirs. Today, he said he doesn’t see memory loss as an inevitability; he sees hope on the horizon for treatments and improving care.

“Being a doctor on Alzheimer’s gives you perspective on the value of your memory,” Sabbagh said. “When you look back on people’s lives, what we have, with our failing health and advancing age, what we have is our memories, it’s the money in the mattress; it’s what we have to hold on to.”

Growing up in America, he was raised with a “someday” mentality that focused on hard work today, leisure tomorrow. But now, he’s checking things off his lifetime list, not his bucket list.

“It makes me value the moment as a human being more. I look at life in a very different way than I ever did. I have adopted this idea of not waiting until you’re old.”

So, Sabbagh mountain-biked in Moab, Utah, recently, and he visited the Taj Mahal in India.

“I feel like I have so much to do while I can do it … Doing what I am passionate about and spending time with people I feel passion for.”

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Photo Credits: David Wallace/The Republic

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