Recent Press & Featured Citations

Below are some recent press and citations featuring Dr. Marwan Sabbagh:

Magnetic brain training can slow decline in Alzheimer’s patients
Dr. Sabbagh featured in article discussing a new kind of magnetic brain-training therapy for Alzheimer’s disease (that) is more effective than any available drug, a series of studies has found.

An Update On Scientific Advances And Clinical Strategies In Alzheimer’S Disease: Report From AAIC 2016 – Click here to read release

Is There Cause for Concern? Forgetfulness in Older Adults ( – Click here to read

Addressing Barriers to Early Detection for Alzheimer’s Disease (
Dr. Marwan Sabbagh from the Barrow Neurological Institute discusses barriers to early detection for Alzheimer’s, and how to address them in practice.

The Astute Primary Care Clinician’s 3 Keys to Improving Alzheimer’s Care (
Dr. Marwan Sabbagh describes some of his key priorities for the current and future state of Alzheimer’s care.

Staying Up to Date with Evolving Changes in Alzheimer’s Management (
Review recent advances in the pathobiology of AD, diagnostic assessment, and treatment options to optimize patient care.

Case-Based Approach: Early Identification and Management of Alzheimer Disease (
Hear Drs Porsteinsson and Sabbagh discuss a case that details strategies to diagnose and treat.

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