The Alzheimer’s Prevention Cookbook featured on The Life Delicious

Image Credit: The Blueberry Council

Image Credit: The Blueberry Council

Dr. Sabbagh was recently featured on, discussing his book The Alzheimer’s Prevention Cookbook.
Sabbagh shared a number of things that I already knew but were great to be reminded of and I also took away a handful of exciting and practical new tips for following a healthy brain diet.

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3 Responses to “The Alzheimer’s Prevention Cookbook featured on The Life Delicious”

  1. Tina Madias says:

    I am very pleased to see a Physician that addresses disease prevention instead of quick fixes through pharmaceuticals that only mask the problem.

    Let food be your medicine, and medicine be your food!

    My best wishes to a cure and success to your research.

  2. Stephanie Shigematsu says:

    Your book talks very little about the grain concerns raised in the book Grain Brain and there has been more studies related to fats versus carbohydrates in the last two years. What is your opinion about this book Grain Brain? Have you updated any of your positions on fat vs carbs? Any new recommendations since your cookbook was published in 2012?

    Thanks you and can’t wait to try the recipes which all sound delicious.

    • Marwan says:

      I dont agree with Dr Perlmutter’s perspective. His interpretation of the data is skewed and does not reflect general consensus. Reducing carb (south beach, ketogenic) might make sense in the symptomatic phase of AD but not before

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